Special Education Parent’s Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center provides referrals to low-cost advocates in northeast Texas who assist parents with struggles with the public school.  We can match you with an advocate quickly!

We refer parents to  professional advocates who have no financial ties to school districts or the state; so they are truly working for YOU!  We have decades of experience assisting parents that we can share what did or didn’t work for parents pursuing changes of their child’s programming.

These advocates can assist parents:iepcenterlogo360x260pixels

  • telephone consults and online meetings to give you information about how the “system” works
  •  by participating in meetings at the school, including IEP meetings and accommodation meetings.  We can also attend suspension/manifestation determination meetings.
  • SEPAL supports parents  with their special education concerns including learning disabilities, autism, and other special needs.
  • SEPAL supports parents who are seeking help for their children from the public school staff. 
  • SEPAL shares strategies to help a parent pursue the education “system” for their child.
  • SEPAL advocates can attend IEP meetings in person and on the phone.
  • SEPAL advocates can, with prior arrangements, attend mediation, resolution meetings with a parent.
  • SEPAL advocates can share strategies to pursue recourse when the parent believes the public school has failed their child.

Special Education Parent’s Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center© are not attorneys and do not give legal advice. We are civil rights advocates.  SEPAL advocates have special knowledge about the problems of children with disabilities.  We are not licensed to practice law in any state and DO NOT represent anyone.   Consult an attorney.

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